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Re: Mongolian Strata

2 questions:

1)  What is the currently accepted definition of the Euhelopodidae, and 
what does it contain?  Where does it lie in the dinosaur family tree.  
After reading Macintosh's article in _The Dinosauria_, I was pretty well 
convinced that the Euhelopodidae were an unnatural assemblage of Chinese 
sauropods, all of which had developed parallel adaptations for feeding at 
the tops of trees, containing:

_Euhelopus_, a camarasaurid;
_Omeisaurus_, a shunosaurid related to _Datousaurus_;
and _Mamenchisaurus_, between the Shunosauridae and the Diplodocidae.

Have any of these been re-united into a larger Euhelopodidae?

2)  What _is_ the big-nosed Mongolian iguanodontid?

Any help appreciated.

Nick Pharris
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447

"As of tomorrow, I'm old enough to drink...in Canada."