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Re: Mongolian Strata

From: "Nicholas J. Pharris" <pharrinj@PLU.edu>
 > 1)  What is the currently accepted definition of the Euhelopodidae, and 
 > what does it contain?

I consider it to include the following:
Euhelopus, Omeisaurus, Tienshanosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, and
probably Chiayusaurus.

The group is characterized by unusually long necks, consisting of
of a large number of vertebrae, combined with a persistantly
"primitive" skull structure. The tail has chevrons similar in
structure to those of diplodocids.

 >  Where does it lie in the dinosaur family tree.

Probably close the the origin of the titanosaurid clade.

 > After reading Macintosh's article in _The Dinosauria_, I was pretty well 
 > convinced that the Euhelopodidae were an unnatural assemblage of Chinese 
 > sauropods, all of which had developed parallel adaptations for feeding at 
 > the tops of trees ...

The recent discovery of a Mamenchisaurus skull has changed the
situation. It had a skull similar to that of other euhelopodids.

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