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From: "King, Norm" [nking.ucs@smtp.usi.edu] 

    According to Holtz (J. Paleo., v.68, no. 5, p. 1107), an unambiguous
synapomorphy of maniraptors (sensu Gautier only?) is a long and slender
metacarpal III, yet tyrannosaurs have a very short metacarpal III. 

From: Dinogeorge@aol.com 

    The metacarpal III of Daspletosaurus was much shorter (and much, much
smaller) than metacarpal II: see the photo in D. A. Russell 1970(by the
way--if you ever get to see that specimen, tell me [classroom exercise]
what's wrong with the [incomplete] manus as depicted). 

   Question:  what are the digits in a tyrannosaur manus?  Are they I and II
or II and III?

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