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Re: T rex hunting techniques

Derek Smith wrote:

>  That's because you ave kinesthetic sensory neurons throughout your
> body.  Other animals have them too, of course.  Even though a
> _T. rex_ couldn't actually "see" its feet or tail, it would "know"
> where they are and what they are doing.

yeah, and I still trip over the cat if I'm not watching where I'm going.

>  If/when they DO fall, how do they do it?  Is it actually a "face
> plant," or do they somehow manage to fall on their side (which would
> seem to be somewhat safer)?

I believe from watching National Geographic specials, that ostriches
lead with their "keel" and just sort of fold up their legs and skid on
their chest, with their head held in a still-upright positition.
Someone on this list (I forget who) claimed that at one time they
owned or worked on an emu ranch and chased the birds around
occasionally (what fun!), so perhaps this person might verify also
what parts emus land on.

-Betty Cunningham