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DML Omnipedia stuff; new Safari/Battat


   First, the name and address of my site have changed.  Dinosauria On-Line
can be accessed at http://www.dinosauria.com  By necessity, that means the
address of the Dinosaur Mailing List Omnipedia has changed as well.

   The Omnipedia has two new volumes.  The first is a cladogram of the
dinosauria.  Just something that was needed, I thought.  The second is a
list that gives the correct english translation of every dinosaur genus.
Ben Creisler exhaustively researched the name of every dinosaur species,
going back to the original paper in many cases.  He has consented to publish
his data down to the genus level as a volume of the Dinosaur Mailing List
Omnipedia.  Until he gets his book published, this full listing (parts have
been published in various journals) is exclusive to the DML Omnipedia and
Dinosauria On-Line.

   For those that don't already know, the full text of BOTH the Fossil
Protection Act of 1996 and the Vertebrate Paleontological Resources
Protection Act ("Baucus Bill") can be found at Dinosauria On-Line.  The
"Baucus Bill" hasn't been reintroduced, but I think it is an important read.
I was stunned at some of its provisions.  It's bound to get reintroduced in
some form or another.


   Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, there are no new Battat Museum
of Science figures.  If any really are in the pipeline, they are far enough
up it that it will be some time before they are released.

   Safari has some new items.  The Carnegie Allosaurus, Stegosaurus and
Maiasaura have been replaced.  There is a new figure in the Carnegie
collection, _Deinosuchus_, a bloody huge Mesozoic crocodile, which I
describe on my new product questionairre as "the thing nightmares are made of."

   Safari now has jewelry.  Tacks, pins, necklaces and earrings in gold,
pewter and painted epoxy.

   If you might be interested in any of these new items, you can find
pictures of them on the DinoStore page.  Fill out the questionairre; it will
give me any idea of what, if any, I should order.

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