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Re: Help with long words - a FAQ?

At 10:44 AM 3/18/96 -0500, Richard Keatinge wrote:
>I take the point that "The Dinosauria" is intended for specialists, but
>I too have cursed the lack of a glossary in the book.  It took me ages
>to get even a rough idea of what an autapomorphy is.  In other words,
>I'm out of my league when reading it, but I wouldn't be with a bit of
>help.  I suspect that this applies to others too.  Would a FAQ for this
>list (maybe with cross-posting to sci.bio.paleontology) be an
>appropriate form for an introduction to paleontological vocabulary?
>Jeff Poling's geological time scale is a good start, I've found it very
>useful already - thanks.

   Just to call some attention to it:  There are four dictionaries,
including paleontological-term and anatomical dictionaries, specifically for
this list, as part of the DML Omnipedia on my web site.

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