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Re: T rex hunting techniques

>I believe from watching National Geographic specials, that ostriches
>lead with their "keel" and just sort of fold up their legs and skid 
>on their chest, with their head held in a still-upright positition.
>Someone on this list (I forget who) claimed that at one time they
>owned or worked on an emu ranch and chased the birds around
>occasionally (what fun!), so perhaps this person might verify also
>what parts emus land on.
>-Betty Cunningham

    Hi all,
        I would be the guilty party referred to above, HOWEVER, my 
dad was the one who worked on the ranch, he didn't own it, and I did 
not chase those adorable little birdies around (that's just mean!:-)).
Anyhoo, when emus did get paniced (by no fault of my own) and started 
bolting around they fell a lot. And what they did was twist to the 
side so that their, well, side got the impact. They would then 
proceed to roll over on their backs and hop right back up and start 
running around madly without so much as dusting themselves off. This 
would all take place in a matter of seconds, unless the emu didn't 
have a high enough velocity to make it all the way over, then it just 
kinda flopped around for a bit until it got the leverage to get back 
up. Hope this helps...

"Breathe Deep, Seek Peace"
Cory Gross
Alberta Palaeontological Society
MRC Earth Sciences Society