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Re: T rex hunting techniques

> >I believe from watching National Geographic specials, that ostriches
> >lead with their "keel" and just sort of fold up their legs and skid
> >on their chest, with their head held in a still-upright positition.

I wonder if we might get to the point where the accepted wisdom is that 
T. rex boasted small forearms, at least in part, -because of- potential 

An animal of this mass, moving quickly, could not have caught itself on 
forelimbs that were less than massive.  By reducing the forelimbs, 
perhaps the idea was to provide more area for a "skid plate" on which T. 
rex could turn forward and downward momentum into a slide -- coming back 
to the arguments that Roger made about motorcycles and bodies on 

The small "riblets" in the chest region might even have helped support 
heavy pads on the skin designed to cushion and spread such impacts.

(This ends your dose of totally unsupported supposition for the day.