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Cool Rex Models

Hello All!
   I'm looking for a cool (_but accurate_) t-rex model. it must also be 
BIG. I'm looking at a model from Lunar Models (about 34" long) and runs 
about $350. I've netted around for about a day and this is the best I 
could come away with. I hear the Dinosaur Society has models, but I have 
yet to contact them. If anyone could help.....

PS- oh yeah, the lunar model comes with 2 sets of arms (one folded 
tightly against body, the other not) so you can build what you think is 
accurate. Thought that was pretty cool... what do YOU think is accurate?

Thanks, and until then, you can't dig half a hole.
                 REX F/X
Internet Phone:iphone.interramp.com 

PPS-i hope i did this right....