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Does anyone have...?

Hi All -

        Sorry to clutter up the lists with this, but I'm at an endpoint
here.  I'm trying to find a copy of the following article:

Nessov, L.A. (1992).  "Record of the Localities of Mesozoic & Paleogene with
         Avian Remains of the USSR & the Descroption of New Findings," _Russian
         Journal of Ornithology_ 1(1):  7-50.  (in Russian)

but the otherwise fabulous and highly resourceful ILL people here tell me
does not exist in any computer-accessible library in the US.  I'd write to
Nessov, but he sadly died recently.  Does anyone have a copy, and, if so,
would they be willing to make one for me?  I can possibly repay any xerox
costs, or exchange for some other articles if possible.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated!

        To avoid further cluttering up the list, please respond via private
e -- thanks!

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