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Re: t.rex

Steve Jackson wrote:

> Where can I find that Lunar Models one? I could use a big Rexy, too...
> To All who asked:

Lunar Models is at:
or 1-817-556-0296   they're at 106 Century Drive Cleburne, TX 76031
fax 1-817-556-0298

I just ordered the 34.5 inch Rex (RULE!) for $365 shipped. Take note tho,
they are moving. The above address may be nonexistant. If you order a 
rex, you won't get it for 6 weeks at best, due the move, they're casts 
and molds are all here and there, so be ready for a wait. Should be an 
excellent model tho. oh yeah, order quick, they're only casting 25 of 
'em. (will it be discontinued......? hope not)
until then....
"four rights is a circle!"     Rex F/X

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