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Reference on bird origins

Here is a fairly recent ref on bird origins that I don't think has been
posted before - apologies if it has.
AU  - Welman J
TI  - Euparkeria and the origin of birds.
LA  - English
RF  - Article
AD  - J Welman, Natl Museum, POB 266,
      Bloemfontein 9300, South Africa.
AB  - The possible origin of birds from either theropod dinosaurs, primitive
archosauromorphs or crocodilomorphs has previously been postulated. In this
paper, aspects of the morphology of the braincases of a relevant example of
each of these possible ancestors, Syntarsus, Euparkeria, and Sphenosuchus,
were compared with those   of birds. As a result, an alternative hypothesis
to the theropod and crocodilomorph origin of birds is proposed, supported by
a number of synapomorphies shared by birds,   Euparkeria and Archaeopteryx.
SO  - S Afr J Sci 1995 OCT;91(10):533-537

Graeme Worth