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Re: dogma of tree feeding sauropods

>5) The neck of
>camarasaurids does indeed angle shapely upwards due to the wedge shaped
>1st dorsal or last cervical (i.e., it is longer along the bottom of the
>centrum than across the top). This sauropod was most likely a tree
>feeder (perhaps tree ferns when young, conifers when adults).

Your going to have to include _Brachiosaurus_ (one of the largest
sauropods) in this.  Since Brachio had to hold it's head straight up,
and since there had to have been something up there for it to feed
on, then it seems reasonable that there had to have been a few
conifers that were tall enough to fill the order (any idea on the
geologic range of the sequoias?).  The question remains whether these
conifers were large enough to justify a rearing sauropod.


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