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I sent a letter objecting to the NBC creationist program THE MYSTERIOUS
ORIGINS OF MAN to the President of NBC, with a copy to Todd Schwartz who
directs programming. I received a reply from the latter. The letter seems to
have been written in direct reply to mine, rather than being a standard form
letter. It defends the show as entertainment that speculates "about
alternative views of our world". He also asserts that the show was not meant
to discount or discredit the results of established science. Of course, the
show as presented did exactly that. Schwartz also compares the program to
other NBC entertainment shows on angels, the fulfillment of prophecies, and
alternative medicines, which is accurate so far as it goes. In conclusion, he
says that my concerns will be more adeguately addressed in future programs on
the subject.

An article in a recent Science says that the response to the NBC program has
been unusually heavy and severe. One can hope that the people at NBC have
been made aware of the error of their ways and will do better in the future
(the entertainment culture is not the most scientificall aware) but I would
not bet the farm on it. In any case, we cannot let this sort of programming
go without criticism, and all those who let NBC know their thoughts did well.