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T-rex. arm strength

Hello all,

Aaron Gwin wrote,

>Certainly no major predator alive today can carry four hundred
>pounds of meat around.

I feel compelled to refer to accounts of bengal tigers killing and running
away with water buffalo, which are far in excess of 400 Lbs. Whether these
instances involve adult buffalo or juveniles I do not know, but the reports
suggest the prey was much heavier than the tiger. According to what I've
read the tiger would hold the prey by the neck, with its teeth, and
position the buffalo over and across its back. This placed the majority of
the load across its body and left its feet clear of entangling limbs of the

As far as T-rex. grappling a hadrosaur ham and running away from the
growing crowd at the scene of a kill, with its forelimbs, I can envision an
easier and simpler way. Those huge jaws and massive neck muscles would be
better tools for the job. Whether this happened or no is speculative, and
would conribute much to the possiblity of a fall, given the imbalance
resulting from having a mouthfull of "dead" weight at the end of its
balance point. I submit that T-rex ate, without much chewing, and could
easily strip a kill of the best meat in a matter of minutes. Still, the
possiblity of competition for its kill might just force a less dominate
T-rex to do things a "Sue" would not have to. The robust morph of T-rex
might just get some gracile morph T-rex. flesh as an extra course if
contested for a kill.

Tha's all folks, except, GO HOGS! BEAT U-MASS!

Roger A. Stephenson