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egg-sposure revisited

Royan Webb (bandr@globaldialog.com), a lurker on the list was moved to
comment on the egg thread.  With permission, I'm forwarding our
conversation.  Royan wrote:

  I breed lovebirds and budgerigars and both types of birds will leave
  the nest for up to an hour to two hours at time. And most will not
  start brooding until the third or fourth egg is laid.

I asked if this behavior might manifest itself in tame birds but not
in the wild and Royan responded:

  It's my understanding that this behavior is normal in the wild. To
  the degree that exotic bird smugglers are now switching their
  attention to the eggs instead of the grown birds.  And I don't think
  most of the brooding birds are considered TAME GRIN.

  You can post the information, but with the caveat that I am
  referring only to the Psitticines, other bird orders may differ.

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