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Re: Tyrannosaur arms


 >      Now, the way T-rex may have used his arms is very hard to determine, but
 > the fact that they couldn't be straightened out seems to rule out the
 > possibility that they were used to grab prey, as well as the idea that they
 > held down struggling, wounded prey, since the rex would have to lean way, way
 > over.

Not necessarily.

First, remember, T. rex's posture was *horizontal*, not vertical.
[Like a bird, not like a human, or even a kangaroo].

Second, two or three of the potential prey animals were of a size that
put their backs almost excatly on a level with T. rex's arms.  Thus
T. rex could grab these animals by the back (near the backbone) without
even changing posture!

Whether they really did use their arms this way to immobilize prey is,
at present, impossible to say.  But I do not think it can be ruled out
as yet.
 > If a T-rex were to kill an ornithomimid or a
 > small ceratopsian (perhaps a juvenile), he could concievably carry the whole
 > carcass off, away from hungry scavangers and freeloaders.
He could do that with his mouth, just like modern cats do.
[I have seen film of a leopard carrying a full-grown impala
up into a tree].

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