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We don't look at our feet

>If it's following prey, I suggest it's not watching where it's feet
>are going, but would instead watch the prey, walking or running.  Or
>sniff after the prey, which would also entail not watching it's own
>Now how easy would it be for an animal that can't see where it's own
>feet are, which is paying attention to what ever it's chasing, that
>may be walking or running over cross-country terrain, to trip?  I
>wouldn't do the things that T rex probably did at a run, but then,
>I've got a bigger brain, and I'm not extinct yet.

First of all... last time I checked, people don't stare at their own feet
when they walk, if they did, they'd fall over (maybe).  Last time I checked,
when people run, they figure out what they're going to step on a good
distance before they step because if they didn't, they wouldn't be looking
where they were going.  Chase someone in the woods and you will find it's not
to hard to figure out where to step, same thing with T. rex.  

Peter Buchholz