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Re: We don't look at our feet

> >If it's following prey, I suggest it's not watching where it's feet
> >are going, but would instead watch the prey,

> when people run, they figure out what they're going to step on a good
> distance before they step because if they didn't, they wouldn't be looking
> where they were going.  Chase someone in the woods and you will find it's not
> to hard to figure out where to step, same thing with T. rex.

perhaps I should have said ....."with tightly focused attention on the
weaves and dodges of their chosen prey, certainly their attention for
the countryside would be at the utmost minimal part of a T rex's
awareness." and then go on to discuss a head carried x-many feet in
front from where the feet are doing the ground-contact.  Try chasing
someone bare-foot through a cow-pasture and you have dangers in your
scale similar in comparison with the odds of a collision with 'ground
obstacles'to what T rex was dealing with..........you bet your bippy
you watch your feet more.  Try chasing your person through the woods
barefoot and you will also find yourself modifing your behavior.