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Re: Dino Comix

on Fri, 22 Mar 1996 12:02:44 -0500 Jeff Miller said... 

>For some pretty cool dino art, stop by the local comic shop and look 
>for the 'Age of Reptiles' comics by Ricardo Delgado. It's a series of 
>4. I'd gotten 1 and 4 then discovered a compilation book of all 4 
>and it RULES! There are no words, just illistration. The animals 
>tend to have human like facial expressions, but it's kind of 
>neccessary to move the plot along. and while not 100% accurate, it's 
>still really cool art. Go pick it up!
>                hasta......


    I picked up the aformentioned comic in it's original form (this 
starving student bit puts a cramp on getting nifty trade paperbacks 
and such:-)) and it's not to bad. The art's okay, kinda' Will Stout-
ish, but his accuracy is a bit skewed...wrong shaped skulls, animals 
to big or to small, T-rexes right out of the JP book of body shapes. 
What's really bad about it is that Delgado participates in the myth 
that dinosaurs all lived in one amorphous time slot. The plot 
revolves around a "war" between a pack of T-rexes and a pack of 
_Deinonychus_ in the "Late Cretaceous of western North America". Also 
 showing up in the story are pteranodons, ramphorynchoids(sp?), 
_Ornithomimus_, _Dilophosaurus_, _Baryonyx_, _Oviraptor_, 
_Carnotaurus_, _Ultrasauros_(the reeeaaalllly big sauropod, I hope I 
got the name right), and a bunch of others that don't belong together.
There's going to be another AOR series out in the summer called "The 
Hunt". It's 5 issues and going to take place in the Jurassic of the 
"big time blob".

        For a real dino-comic trip by someone who's putting in a 
concerted effort to get it right, pick up _Stephen R Bissette's 
Tyrant_. It revolves around the life of a T-rex from shortly before 
birth all the way to death. Plus he has stuff like paleo-media 
reviews and the like in the book. If you don't mind some humans mixed 
in with your dinos, then check out _Zenozoic Tales_ by Marc 
Shultz...but you may know of it from it's more popular name 
"Cadillacs and Dinosaurs".

Later Days,
Cory Gross
Alberta Palaeontological Society
MRC Earth Sciences Society