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Woods runnin' T-rex

Hi all,

Betty C.writes,
>Try chasing someone bare-foot through a cow-pasture and you have dangers
>in your scale similar in comparison with the odds of a collision with
>'ground obstacles'to what T rex was dealing with..........you bet your
>bippy you watch your feet more.  Try chasing your person through the woods
>barefoot and you will also find yourself modifing your behavior.<

In this comparitive study, between T-rex and us humans, I wonder if we're
talking about western "civilization" folks, African bushmen, South American
rainforest dwellers, or people residing in the arctic. Com'on Betty,
Ameircan native peoples chased bison nearly barefooted for thousands of
years before horses ever made it over in leaky boats. If that's what you
have to do to survive, that's what you do! These skills are learned by the
same process as is anything else, experience.

T-rex. was surely capable of spatial definition good enough to keep from
planting a foot in a root mass, as is an experienced human hunter from
steppin' in "it". I say the bareness of a foot, hardened to take it, is a
much better adaptation than anything Reebok or Nike can develope. Speaking
as one that has chased game through the woods the act of "watching" your
feet is a sure way to fail in one of two ways. 1. Loss of game, 2. failure
to anticipate upcoming obstacles and either falling or impacting a verticle
impediment (slammin' a tree). Knowing where ones foot will fall doesn't
require a higher intellect, but that reactionary portion of motor skills
professional sports players display. I feel T-rex. was an all-pro broken
field runner because of its life long dependancy on those skills. If T-rex
ever killed its own food some running had to have happened. Maybe they
didn't use marathon tactics, but short charges do not suppress the
difficulty level.

I submit that T-rex. had enough skills to react to its enviornmental
challenges as well as, if not better than, most humans. 99% of all adult
western humans would die if striped naked and forced to survive as the
animals do. Why? Because we are not trained, from birth, to use the
predatory skills that civilized life stiffles. This includes, but is not
limited to, running through the woods. Therefore comparing our physical
skills to a T-rex., in any way, is degrading to the T-rex.

Flame me if you must, but go run through the woods while watching your feet
first, or better yet from your bedroom to the front door. At least you'll
be near a phone to dial 911.

Roger A. Stephenson