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Re: Dino Comix

O.K. some may-be Age of Reptiles had a few problems, but why get so 
picky!  The story itself is very exciting.   Delgado is very good.  And 
so what if the rexes looked like Jurassic Park.  Why is it that if 
anything looks like Jurassic Park it's bad?  So I agree with Jeff check 
out the story.

I also agree with you about Steve Bissette's Tyrant.  And I was wondering 
if any of you out there know what happened to this geat title?  Only 1-3 
came out then I heard form my local comic store that Spiderbaby Grafix 
had gone out of business.  Is this ture?  Does anyone know how I could 
get in contact with Mr. Bissette?  He sent me a postcard saying he would 
publish one of my letters in #4 but there is no 4.  The story and the art 
in this are great and I would appreciate any help.  Check that out too.  
Thanks.  -Raptor-

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