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"Geology and Revelation"

I have a book in my possession titled "Geology and Revelation or The
Ancient History of the Earth, Considered in the Light of Geological
Facts and Revealed Religion", by Rev. Gerald Mollloy, D.D., Professor of
Theology in the Royal College of St. Patrick, Mayntooth, with an
introduction to the American edition and chapter on Cosmogony from the
Manual of Geology, by Prof. J.D. Dana.  It was published in 1873 by G.P.
Putnam's Sons.

It has quite a few illustrations of fossils and I found it fascinating
considering its age - but I am just an amateur fossil collector.

It is not in very good condition.  The binding is torn and it is a bit
brittle, although quite readable.  I picked it up at a used book store
for $7, and I don't have any idea if it is worth much more than that.  I
sort of hate to part with it because of its novelty, but if it would be
of any real interest to anyone on this list,  please contact me.

Debbie Schneider