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I'm sorry I haven't been about for a while.  I guess I have missed a fair 
amount of discussion and you may already know of what happened to me in 
January.  Anyway, I'm back online with limited access to the internet as 
it costs a lot in phone bills in the UK (no free local calls).  I am 
staying with my parents in Dunblane, Scotland while I recover my 

As you may know, I was back on Scotland's Jurassic Island (Isle of Skye) 
collecting Scotland's first dinosaur trackway that I had discovered on 
January 3rd this year.  A few friends and I had just been able to remove 
the tracks into easliy transportable sections and had stopped for a 
sandwich.  I stood up, took one step forward and my leg broke.  The tibia 
was in at least five pieces and the fibula was broken up its full length.  
I was airlifted from the remote beach to the Isle of Lewis where they 
fixed the leg with plenty of metal.  As a result, I have not had access 
to anything that has happened on the list for the last 2.5 months.  I am 
now linked at my parents home where I will be staying for the next four 
months unless the docs want to operate again (this seems likely!).

If you want more information on the trackway, I'll be glad to discuss it 
further.  The tracks are on average about 20cm long and are of the 
grallator type.  There are nine tracks in all from three + individuals.

Look forward to discussing dinosaurs again.

Neil Clark
Curator of Palaeontology
Hunterian Museum
Glasgow University