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Re: NBC show: creationist?

Although this is not the best place to note this, it is worth pointing out
that a creationist is anyone who believes that some form of intelligence
outside our Universe deliberately created our humble home. This is pointed
out in a recent study of the history of creationism. There are all sorts of
creationists, ranging from old Universe/Earth creationists who think "God"
then practised a hands off policy and let evolution do what it does for a few
billion years (which includes quite a few scientists), to young
Universe/Earth creationists of the fundamentalist Christian sort. The latter
have tended to co-opt the term creationist for themselves, much as they have
tried to co-opt the term Christian. However, some who favor "intelligent
design" are rebroadening the term creationist. Anyhow, the NBC program most
certainly was Creationist, albeit not of the most fundamentalist type.