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Question concerning british Dromaeosaurid

Reading the book "The illustrated Enceclopedia of Dinosaurs" by David Norman
I've found in the chapter "Dromaeosaurids" something interesting.
There, Norman wrotes, that in 1982 quarryman Bill Walker found a very larg
sickle-shaped claw in a quarry in Surrey (Three times larger than that of
Deinonychus). Scientist from the BMNH discovered more bones over there.

 Since the book is from 1985, Norman doesn't explain more to this find.
So I want to aks, if this sickle-claw is really an evidence for an
european Dromaeosaur or was it a remain of _Baryonyx_ ?
When was _Baryonyx_ discovered ?

Thanks for any help

Klaus Richter
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