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Re: sauropod feeding dogma*

I am not sure why the "sorry Greg" concerning diplodocid neck posture, since
I have never illustrated diplodocids with erect necks. Perhaps I am being
confused with RTB (old Barosaurus illustration).

Nor have I ever said all sauropods always fed in the trees. Certain erect
necked forms such as camarasaurs, euhelopids (includes mamemnchisaurs) and
brachiosaurs could probably hardly reach the ground and were probably
strictly browsers, but many cetiosaurs and diplodocids could probably low
browse easily, and did so. Does not mean they did not rear up to high browse
also. The trophic flexibility of diplodocids may expalin why they were so
successful in the Morrison, where they could feed both out on the fern
prairies when they were wet and productive, and on the riverine trees (20-50
foot trees will do fine) when it was dry and the ferns shriveled up.