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To my fellow dinosaurophiles:

You have all been waiting for the results of the FAVORITE DINOSAUR SURVEY.
 And, finally, here are the stunning results!

FIRST PLACE: _Tyrannosaurus rex_

The tyrant lizard king still has a firm grip, er, bite on its position as the
most beloved and famed dinosaur among _Homo sapiens sapiens_.

SECOND PLACE: _Triceratops horridus_

This three-horned ceratopian dinosaur continues to enchant dinosaur lovers
around the world, front limbs splayed to the side or not.

THIRD PLACE: _Velociraptor mongoliensis_

No doubt *that* movie greatly increased the popularity of this jackal-sized
predator.  Unfortunately, the name is well known, but the liberties Universal
Studios took in producing their "raptors" shielded the public from what
_Velociraptor_ really looked like.

FOURTH PLACE: *TIE* between _Deinonychus antirrhopus_ and _Utahraptor

No doubt that Jurassic Park triggered the "raptor" craze the world has been
experiencing lately.  After _Velociraptor_, in popularity come two of its
dromaeosaurine cousins, _Deinonychus_ and _Utahraptor_.  It is interesting
that an equal number of people voted for each one.

The results weren't too surprising.  In fact, they were quite predictable.

The well-known dinosaurs got more votes, naturally.  But some ballots had
rather curious selections.  These included _Brontoraptor_, _Protiguanodon_,
_Regnosaurus_, and _Dicamptodon_.  (The voters will remain anonymous.)

I hope all of you found the results ... amusing.  Please e-mail any questions
and/or comments to me at raptorrkc@aol.com.


R.K. Clark