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Re: Re: diplodocid radiation

>As for nemegtosaurs being diplodocids, I'm the Pope. Odd how no one has ever
>found any diplodocid postcrania in L Cretaceous Asia, especially when
>sauropod skulls are much rarer than skeletons. Also odd how no one has found
>camarasaur teeth there and then. All that is known from L Cret Asia are
>pencil teeth, nemegtosaur skulls, and opisthocoelicaudian skeletons! It does
>not take a rocket scientist to put these together into one sauropod type. 

Actually, I've heard reports of a more diplodocoid-type skeleton (at present
undescribed) among the Mongolian specimens at one of the Russian musuems
(and, if I recall, it isn't in PIN, so maybe St. Petersburg?)

If anyone else knows more about this, please add what you can!

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