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Hunting Techniques-T-rex. comparison

Hello all,

As this thread is becoming tiresome and stated facts seem to be irrelavant
I will strive to make this brief.

The "drive 'em over a cliff" method of getting food was used, but not by
most american native peoples. The eastern tribes had no plains to use this
way. The Cherokee, after being ousted from their north Georgia home by our
then imperialistic government, used a techique  totally dependant on the
chase to kill deer. Documented reports, by white folks, exist of  teams of
young warriors taking turns running a deer, through the eastern scrubwoods
of Oklahoma, until the deer was exhausted.  Cute remarks aside, the native
peoples depended highly on their predation skills, and this FACT is beyond
dispute. Barefoot, Nike clad, or encased in Muk-Luk's the foot of a human
is more than capable of letting a hunter run through the woods. To argue
otherwise denies the history of mankind. There are bloody few cliffs on the
american plains, and to depend on "that" method to provide game on a
regular basis from a migrating prey seems odd at best. Anyone out there
have detailed historical knowledge of the Souix and their hunting techiques
prior to the arrival of horses?

How does this all relate to T-rex. and the ability to run without looking
at it's feet?

I submit that any creature attempting to run over rough terrain, whether
hunting or no, must look where it's going and let those instinctual skills
I mentioned in my last posting take over. Again, no modern predator, human
or otherwise, thinks out each step per se. To look down at ones feet, and
try to maintain any speed at all, is a sure way to invite a fall or worse.
Granted, smooth level ground will result in higher speeds by both prey and
persuer, but uneven surfaces do not exclude running. Find an valid example
to refute this point and I will shut-up. Otherwise accept this point as the
pure truth that it is.

Human beings ARE highly evolved predators, as no other creature has
manufactured sophisticated tools to assist in the kill. As an experienced
hunter these observations come first-hand. I seriously doubt that my skills
are all that special, when it comes to running through the woods. A
dinosaur predator, or any other, would depend on this skill daily, as would
its prey.

Roger A. Stephenson