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JVP 16(1)

Articles of more than passing interest to the dinosaur list in the latest
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (volume 16 #1, 19 March 1996) include:

Sues, H.-D., Shubin, N. H., Olsen, P. E. & Amaral, W. W., 1996. "On the
cranial structure of a new protosuchid (Archosauria: Crocodyliformes) from
the McCoy Brook Formation (Lower Jurassic) of Nova Scotia, Canada," JVP
16(1): 34-41.

-> The new protosuchid is _Protosuchus micmac_; also noted is the new
combination _Protosuchus haughtoni_, originally _Baroquesuchus haughtoni_,
with _Baroquesuchus_ a junior subjective synonym of _Protosuchus_.

Wu X.-C. & Sues, H.-D., 1996. "Reassessment of of _Platyognathus hsui_ Young,
1944 (Archosauria: Crocodyliformes) from the Lower Lufeng Formation (Lower
Jurassic) of Yunnan, China," JVP 16(1): 42-48.

Brochu, C. A., 1996. "Closure of neurocentral sutures during crocodilian
ontogeny: Implications for maturity assessment in fossil archosaurs," JVP
16(1): 49-62.

-> As crocs grow, the neural arches fuse to their respective centra first in
the tail vertebrae, then in the back vertebrae, and last in the neck
vertebrae. It is the other way round in squamates.

Chure, D. J. & Madsen, J. H., Jr., 1996. "Variation in aspects of the
tympanic pneumatic system in a population of _Allosaurus fragilis_ from the
Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic)," JVP 16(1): 63-66.

-> Lots of individual variation exists in the amount and development of the
tympanic pneumatic system of _Allosaurus_, but there is an ontogenetic
pattern, too.

Elzanowski, A. & Wellnhofer, P., 1996. "Cranial morphology of
_Archaeopteryx_: evidence from the seventh skeleton," JVP 16(1): 81-94.

-> This paper describes the skull material of the _Archaeopteryx bavarica_

Erickson, G. M. & Olson, K. H., 1996. "Bite marks attributable to
_Tyrannosaurus rex_: Preliminary description and implications," JVP 16(1):