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Re: sauropod feeding dogma*

On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Rob Meyerson wrote:

> Here's a thought;
> Consider how easy it would be for a theropod to attack Diplo's neck if it was
> held parallel to the ground.  


> I suggest that the neck was held somewhat aloft.  This would have the double
> effect of increasing it's browsing area, as well as being able to spot 
> predators
> from a good ways off.

A good thought, but, since the forelimbs of most diplodocids were rather 
shorter than the hindlimbs, the neck actually pointed somewhat 
*downwards* from the shoulder.  To raise its head, the animal would have 
to counteract this initial downbend, and it most likely could not get its 
head much higher than the level of its back.  Bear in mind that the neck 
of, say, _Diplodocus_ was long largely because the cervical centra were 
long.  The neck was not all that flexible.

> Rob
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Nick Pharris
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447