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T.rex bone: general query

I am bewildered by the idea of a creature developing bones so massive
and yet not all that strong.  Bone is expensive for an organism, both
in obtaining the calcium, etc. to build and maintain it, and in terms
of the energy expended in lugging it about.  It tends to grow more
massive where its organism stresses it heavily and repeatedly, and to
be reduced (slowly) when stresses are reduced (within the individual
organism--no Lamarkism, thanks).  External forces such as sexual
selection can produce bizarre and extravagant forms of bone, such as
antlers (which in some cases at least are more expensive for the male
animal than pregnancy and lactation are for the female!), but it
doesn't look to me as if the T.rex bone under discussion was developed
for that sort of competition.  Sexual selection apart, evolution would
seem to favour creatures that don't have the added expense of extra

So what would induce T. rex to grow huge, weak bones?  And be so very
successful while doing it?