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New refs.

Here are some new refs.  Not all of them exactly dinosaur related, but 
since there has been talk lately about Mesozoic floras, and since the K/T 
is always of interest, I thought I'd throw them all in.

JT Review of paleaobotany and palynology.
DA FEB 01 1996 v 90 n 3 / 4
PG  321
AU Crane, P.R.
AU Herendeen, P.S.
TI Cretaceous floras containing angiosperm flowers and fruits from    
eastern North America

JT Geochimica et cosmochimica acta.
DA MAR 01 1996 v 60 n 6
PG  973
AU Liu, Y. G.
AU Schmitt, R. A.
TI Cretaceous Tertiary phenomena in the context of seafloor       
rearrangements and P(CO2) fluctuations over the past 100 m.y.

JT Paleobiology.
DA Wint 1996 v 22 n 1
PG  104
AU Levinton, Jeffrey S.
TI Trophic group and the end-Cretaceous extinction: did deposit 
feeders    have it made in the shade?

JT Earth, moon, and planets.
DA MAR 01 1994 v 64 n 3
PG  207
AU Yabushita, S.
TI Are Periodicities in Crater Formations and Mass Extinctions Related

JT National geographic world.
DA APR 01 1996 n 248
PG    9
TI Dinosaur Discovery.