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NBC in the dark

In case anyone missed it, there is a brief article on the NBC show in 
the March 8 issue of _Science_.  I think the reporter (Constance 
Holden) did a surprisingly weak, soft-ball write-up considering the 
piles of info I and others sent her on the severe problems with the 
show.  For example, she referred to strict creationist Carl Baugh as a 
"fossil hunter" and one of the "new breed" of investigators referred to 
in the show, even plugging his "Creation Evidence Museum,"--almost    
giving him an air of legitimacy.  Instead, she could have informed 
readers that Baugh claims degrees he does not have, that even other 
creationists consider him disreputable, and that he does not "head" the 
museum but IS the museum--which consists of a double-wide road-side 
trailer filled with contrived man tracks and bogus artifacts.
   At any rate, she did give some indication of how lame NBC was in its 
response to the show by quoting an NBC spokesman who stated, "We don't 
have a statement because to my knowledge there have been no 
complaints."  Considering that e-mail messages were sent to NBC within 
hours if not minutes after the show's airing, and that countless other 
negative messages and letters sent in the days following (several 
Internet newsgroups contained copies of dozens of such letters), this 
statement seems strange to say the least.  

Glen Kuban
Paluxy web site: http://members.aol.com/paluxy2/paluxy.htm