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Re: your mail

> Did nodosaurs have any kind of defensive advantage over ankylosaurs?

Nodosaurs were smaller, spinier, and more mobile than ankylosaurs.
Probably more aggressive in co-specific combat and active defense against 
predators. (small, fleet, and viscous, early Cretaceous predators like 
Deinonychus)  Nodosaurs probably lived in (small) family groups.

Ankylosaurs were larger, more armored (specialized armor), had a tail club, 
and possessed greater sense of smell.
Probably less aggressive and used a more of a passive defense against 
predators. (large, relentless, specialized, late Cretaceous predators like 
Tyrannosaurus)  Ankylosaurs probably lived in (large) family groups.

> I realize their differences, and it seems
> to me that nodosaurs were rather like ankylosaurs with less defensive
> capability.

I disagree, Nodosaurs were suited for their time as Ankylosaurs were 
suited for their time.  They have a lot in common also like weak teeth.

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelations.unomaha.edu)