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More Books for Sale

The Dino bookseller is back!

I have three books for anyone interested.

The first is the result of a very unfortunate set of circumstance (but we
won't get into that), and they are the two "Dinosaur past and present"
volumes. I am offering them for 10 bucks each, plus postage. They are both
in prime condition, and they are soft covers, but really nice softcovers.
They are large books too, their lengths being longer than their height,
probably becayse of all the photos and illustrations inside.

The next book is: "The Complete T-Rex", by John Horner and Don Lessem.
It's a hardcover in prie condition as well, and I'm offering it for 10
bucks, plus postage.

Anyone interested shoudl email me direct, instead of clogging the dino
list, of course. 

As always, it's first coe first serve, and best offers are in effect.