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Apologies - this kind of junk should be kept to private email, but as the
comments that inspire this post were put up on dino-l, I am obliged to reply
within the forum.

[I debated holding back some of this stuff.  Let's allow this message
 to end the thread.  I also apologize to Steve for apparently
 mischaracterizing his initial contribution.  It sure sounded like he
 was dancing on the edge of a Ted Holden/Immanuel Velikovsky
 fantasy...  -- MR ]

In a previous post, I pointed out some palaeontological errors in a message from
Stephen Throop. 'ldunn' objects somewhat to my narrow-minded, harshly caustic,
overly-critical attitude and says..

>         Regarding his question of flight and scale in extinct insects, 
>         why just rub his nose in the fact that the 'bugs' in question are   
>         Paleozoic rather than Mesozoic?  Why not disregard the inaccurate   
>         reference to Period and address his query?  I'd actually like to 
>         hear your opinion. 

Well, in a private email, Stephen actually described my corrections as
'thoughtful' (he also called me 'courteous'), so I actually didn't do such a
mean-old-bastard job of it after all. I did not profess an opinion as to the
flight mechanics of giant bugs or other fliers as I know absolutely nothing
about it. End of story.

On another note, I am completely and utterly unconditionally wrong about zebras
and other prey animals kicking lions. Heartfelt thanks to everyone for pointing
this out, and I also apologise profusely to Rob Meyerson for my erroneous
questioning of his wisdom. I refer those of you that continue to point this out
to my couple of posts on the subject. Please realise that the issue is not
really much to do with zebra kicking lions at all.

"I am standing here beside myself"

[ "On the Loose"? Is that your Saga? -- MR ]