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feathers and parsimony

   A few days ago someone posted questions about the genetic and embryonic
origins of feathers compared to hair, reptile scales, fish scales, etc.  I
have seen no direct reply to the question.

   Do we know the genetics behind the developement of feathers or not?  Has
anyone mapped cell by cell whrere feathers come from in embryonic birds?
 Wouldn't this kind of information be usefull in knowing where and what to
look for in the fossil record?  How early in embryonic development should we
see feathers in dino eggs if their young are feathered like birds?  Are the
sking impressions of dinos like the precursors that feathers develope from?

   Also need good definition of "scute" and how is it related to scale?

   Speaking of definitions, Jeff Poling had a good question about the
definition of parsimony.  I have never seen a good definition that had
anything to do with taxonomy.  Someone please respond to Jeff's question.

   Speaking of genetics = which no one was = I am taking a 200 level genetics
course this semester-- y'all know too much about gentetics now'days.  I
should have taken the course in 1958, no one knew anything.