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At 01:57 PM 11/1/96 -0500, ClayOlson@aol.com wrote:
>Anyone know where I can see a photo of this crest online?

   In my Gallery at http://www.dinosauria.com is a drawing of _Parasaurolophus_

>The crest rises four feet from the back of the dinosaur's skull, a huge,
>curved, hollow tusk sweeping up and behind the creature.

>``I think it's for digging plants out of the ground,

   Uh, what?  This thing goes out of the BACK of the skull.  How the heck
would they use it to dig plants out of the ground, by flopping onto its
back?  Or perhaps by twisting its head around like an owl?  I think this is
a remark made without thinking......

>and maybe for scaring
>away other dinosaurs,'' he said. ``They probably would brandish that crest
>and chase them away.''

   I think this speculation needs a little more explanation, such as why
other dinosaurs would find it intimidating.  They certain wouldn't find it
dangerous ... one headbutt and the dino probably wouldn't be able to breathe
properly anymore....

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