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Jeff Poling wrote:

>>The crest rises four feet from the back of the dinosaur's skull, a huge,
>>curved, hollow tusk sweeping up and behind the creature.
>>``I think it's for digging plants out of the ground,
>   Uh, what?  This thing goes out of the BACK of the skull.  How the heck
>would they use it to dig plants out of the ground, by flopping onto its
>back?  Or perhaps by twisting its head around like an owl?  I think this is
>a remark made without thinking......
>>and maybe for scaring
>>away other dinosaurs,'' he said. ``They probably would brandish that crest
>>and chase them away.''
>   I think this speculation needs a little more explanation, such as why
>other dinosaurs would find it intimidating.  They certain wouldn't find it
>dangerous ... one headbutt and the dino probably wouldn't be able to breathe
>properly anymore....

OK, Jeff, of course you're right, but if you reread the article you'll see that
that speculation was from an 11-year-old kid, not one of the professionals.
I don't think we have to take this speculation TOO seriously. And let's be
gentle on the kid -- we were all there once.

[ Through personal e-mail, Jeff informed me that he didn't notice that
  the quotes were from an 11 year old.  I'm sure he agrees with your
  sentiments.  -- MR ]

        Wayne Anderson