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Re: Czerkas

At 07:06 PM 11/1/96 -0500, Brian Curtice wrote:

>       Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas introduced themselves to me as 
>"Stephen and Sylvia".  I took the opportunity to ask how he pronounces 
>his last name, to which he replied "Cherkas".  
>       Brian Curtice

I suspected as much -- "cz" is commonly pronounced as "ch" when the 
Eastern European names are Anglicized -- but I was using a little artistic 
latitude for the sake of the joke. I do see how this might lead to people 
thinking the name was pronounced "Circus", and I didn't really think of 
that at the time. I hope nobody was offended, or took it TOO seriously.
OK? (Hey, I worked on that one for a while!)

[Alright, enough on pronunciations.  I'm not likely to accept anything
 else in this thread unless it weaves back to the topic. -- MR ]

Wayne Anderson