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facts for children's dinosaur book (more)

On the 96-11-01 Peter Buchholz kindly answered most of my questions, but I
see that some of my questions aren't clear enough. So I'll try to write them
in another way:

>> - what was the landscape looking like?
- I mean the environment where they lived. Your answer was good .

>> - the way they lived.
By this I mean:

-Were they living in group or alone, having a territory.

>> - what other dinosaurs would have been a treat to baby triceratops.
Sorry for my mistake, I mean "a danger" to baby triceratops. But your
answer was good to me anyway Peter.

I have other questions :

- Did Triceratops had poor back vision because of the back of its head.

- What kind of vision had the Tyrannosaurus. What angle of vision.

- Have there been any eggs found that are related to Triceratops or
Tyrannosaurus.And if so, what was the form and size of them for both

- Have there been any trace of skin pigmentation found on fossils for these
 two dino's?

Thank you for your answers all of you!
>From Denis Bombardier (:­)>
amateur paleontologist
Que.Can. SMILEY@virtuel.qc.ca