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Jeffrey Martz wrote:

>      Also, would anyone care to explain why so few endothermic animals
> are poisionous, when such a huge percentage of ectotherms are?

the only reliably poisonous endotherm I can think of is the Platypus,
and it's got poison glands in spurs on it's legs, where most ectotherms
have poison sacs for inflicting while biting.  What else is poisonous
and a terrestial endotherm?  Where on it's person is it poisonous?

Is it possible that poisons generally being somewhere in the mouth in
ectotherms have something to do with the fact that there are fewer
openings in the skull, thus glandular secretions have to come out
roughly the same way on all these different types-through the mouth

[We've been down this road before...  The only other poisonous
 endotherm I can recall is the pitohui, a bird that secretes
 homobatrachotoxin (same poison as secreted by some poison arrow
 frogs) from its skin.  The bird is indigenous to New Guinea.  -- MR ]

-Betty Cunningham