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Re:Dino colaoration and more

Wayne Anderson wrote:

>I suggest that it's a simple matter ofresolution in the medium 

I agree with you but, to me, a good sediment were are preserved the 
fossil feathers is in micrite limestone (calcareous-argillaceous 
deposit)-(of course, amber is better)- like Las Hoyas (Cuenca,Spain) and 
Montsec (Lleida, Spain) as well as a bottom anoxic and others 
conditions. At present, in Montsec outcrop, we found about 
20-23,remarkable specimens of isolated feathers in carbonous impressions 
with punctuate deposits of pigment in its barbules which allowed a 
correct identification and diagnose.
To see:
"Fossilization of Feathers" by P.G.. Davis & D.E.G. Briggs (1995)
       Geology 23:783-786
"Nota sobre las plumas fosiles del yacimiento eocretacico La Pedrera-La 
Cabrua en la sierra del Montsec (Prov. de Lleida Espanya)"
Lacasa-Ruiz,A. (1985).Ilerda, 227-238.