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T rex running again (Was: Airbagged(was Dive!Dive!Dive!)

Roger A. Stephenson wrote:

> Jeffrey failed to address the mount at the Black Hills Institute, and the
> greatly reduced hieght of an apparently running, and attacking,
> Tyrannosaurs rex (an exact copy of the specimen used to base the origional
> study upon), from the 20' he cited. Whyw? Is it not only possible, but
> likely, that Tyrannosaurs rex positioned itself much lower to the ground
> than 20' during a chase? Isn't it at least possible that Tyrannosaurs rex
> didn't have that far to fall, and the skid distance and impact forces
> miscalculated because of it. 

I am looking at my Horizon model of the Stan Winston cast of the T rex
from Jurassic Park.  If the head is lowered so that the back is flat
AND level from the hips to the top of the head, the head only drops a
quarter of it's standing height.  If the head drops BELOW the chest,
AND the back tips towards the head dropping below the hips, the ribs
start to interfere with the swing of the legs (the knees would come
right into the ribs every stride).  I don't think it could do this
with the increased stride necessariy for a 'run', unless the head and
back remined level with the hips.  Maybe during an attack, but NOT in
an all-out, distance-covering run.  Dr. Tom ;]?  Comments?

> Is there any fossil evidence of any species that remotely suggests a
> fall as cause of death?

yes, but in each case I can recall it's usually been associated with a

> As to the trackway evidence, I suggested one write Paleoworld or a
> learned list subscriber sound off. I only know what I've been
> subjected to via the tube on this matter. 

As I understand this trackway, it was an 'unidentified theropod'.  The
only 'identified' T rex foot print is quite stationary (there's a cast
in the Dinosaur Society's Jurassic Park exhibit).  Perhaps it's
considered to be too small to be a T rex or equivalent?  (and thus, if
too small- or from the wrong period- it won't lend credence to the
idea of T rex running)

> --------------------------------------------------------------
> When we challenge someones statements can we not just ask for
> explainations and not whip out our poison pen, or keyboard? Calling
> names and being a list bully won't advance the science or win
> admiration. Maybe waiting a day to respond to a posting would help,
> or completely ignoring a message that inspires an angery response.

here here!

-Betty Cunningham