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Re: The Eider Dino and dinos in japan

Dear Paul,

>Whilst on the subject of naming Barsbold announced the names of 2 new
>species of Oviraptor from Mongolia last week here in Japan - unfortunately
>I haven't seen the newspaper reports does anyone else have any more info? 

        Not Oviraptor. One is a new species of Gallimimus (mongoliensis sp.
nov.) and the other is a new genus of ornithomimosauria. 
According to Barsbold's explanation, Gallimimus mongoliensis can be
distinguished from G. bullatus by the following characteristics:
-fingers are relatively slender and straight
-humerus and ulna are shorter, thus entire arm structure is much meager
than that of G. bullatus; and
-the scull is somewhat smaller as well.
        The structural differences between those two species may be the
consequence of their ecological (habitat) differences, Barsbold mentioned.

        Ornithomimosauria gen. nov. was excavated this summer at Huren
Dukh, eastern part of Gobi (this was one of the results of collaborative
research project between International Internship Programs (Japan) and
Mongolian Academy of Sciences). Although fossils found were not complete,
four-phalanged hind limb indicated that this animal was closely related to
Harpymimus, but could be discriminated by its pelvic structure. Since its
scull has not been found, it is unknown whether this animal had teeth or
not. The announcement was made without specific details, only a piece of

        Also Dr. Obata, the ex-director of National Science Museum, was
present at the naming.  He might be able to provide you with more info on

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