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RE: Dino coloration and more...

Wayne Anderson wrote:

> Of course what you say is correct, but maybe I didn't state my point clearly.
> What offends me about the "dinosauroid" is not whether it COULD evolve as
> depicted, but the humanocentric assumption that it WOULD have, "if they
> hadn't died out." This presupposes a basic tendency toward the humanoid
> form as the (not "a", but "THE") ultimately desirable survival trait. While we
> are certainly successful in our own way, there is a subtle implication that 
> the
> dinos were less successful than they might have been, and "just didn't have
> time to reach our level" -- or something like that. 

      I have heard from a fairly reputable source that Dale Russel is 
fairly religious and heavy into directed evolution, which is the reason 
he likes the dinosauroid idea, and why he also likes the impact scenario 
(a blast from above).

[That may be interesting and true, but it should be noted that the
 reasons for Dale's beliefs don't necessarily say anything at all
 about the truth or falsity of those beliefs.  OTOH, following this
 I'm going to repost a relevant Tom Holtz classic which I think makes
 a lot of sense... -- MR ]

LN Jeff