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This is a new one from "Dino Don" Lessem, apparently aimed at older
children. Executive summary: good book. Once you get through the obligatory
introductory material, each of the 16 chapters describes a different
Mesozoic ecotope and some of the creatures -- not just dinosaurs! -- it
contained. I like this approach and would hope to see more of it.

The illustrations, many of which are very good, are not credited anywhere
that I can find. Don told me they were executed by a studio in the UK. (Do
not judge this book by its cover. The leering cartoon Giganotosaurus on the
cover is not at all typical of the interior illustrations.)

I would disagree violently with the numbers in the "Pyramid of Numbers" on
p. 8 (only 200 lizards, or 10,000 insects, in an area that supported one T.
rex? Ridiculous. There are more than 10,000 insects in my back yard, and at
least a hundred lizards). And, as always happens, some of the dinosaur
information has been overtaken by new discoveries. But I enjoyed reading
this book, and I learned from it.

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