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Re: feathers, poison, tree-climbing

In Nick Longrich's post of Mon, 04 Nov 1996, our intrepid leader 

>[Ostriches necks look "hairy" to casual inspection.  I presume those
> "hairs" are actually feathers.  Are you sure they lose follicles on
> their necks, Nick?  -- MR ]
    Finally, I can be some semblance of useful!
        Yup, those "hairs" are feathers and no they don't lose them 
on their necks. If you get up close to an ostritch, you'll find that 
the only parts of their body NOT covered in feathers are it's beak 
(naturally), it's legs and the backs of it's wings. And when I say 
legs I mean all of it's legs, the scales that go up to the knee and 
the fleshy skin of the thigh. The back of the wings are fleshy as 


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